How do you Watch on TCM on Apple TV via tcm.com/activate

TCM, is one of the most famous cable channels in the world and is a must-own for any good cable package provider. The medium of film has been around for over 100 years and has a rich and wonderful history of many films and iconic artists. In order to access tcm series and films on your mobile device through tcm.com/activate, you will need to activate the service. 

Where can you find watch TCM?

Look TCM is a TV Everywhere (TVE) service that enables you to watch TCM live broadcasts and on-demand movies. On your mobile and streaming device, download the Watch TCM app or go to tcm.com/activate to access this content. simply enter your TV provider login information.

Where do you turn on TCM on Apple TV?

Follow the instructions listed below to activate Turner Classic Movies on your Apple TV.


  • Firstly, Connect a dependable internet connection to your Apple TV.
  • Secondly, Open the app store now and type TCM into the search box.
  • It will be at the top of the search results; click Install to start the download.
  • Launch the application and log in after the download is finished.
  • Your screen will now prompt you for an activation code to access the website.
  • Open the browser and sign in using your credentials at tcm.com/activate instead.
  • After that, pick a name for your TV, and then type the activation code into the appropriate box.
  • You can now access the movies on TCM by clicking submit to continue.